Vision and strategic goals for the sector

The strategic objectives of the dates sector:
1. Strengthening the Jordanian leadership and leadership in the production and export of the Medjool variety, and dates in general, and raising its competitiveness with the aim of making dates an important source of national income.
2. Organizing the production, processing and marketing of Jordanian dates, preserving the current markets, and expanding horizontally by opening new global markets, including those in the Far East, in order to achieve sustainability.
3. Enhancing research and development through the development of an integrated research and extension program aimed at conducting applied research to address the production problems experienced by palm farmers and transferring the results of research, innovations and modern technologies to farmers.
4. Optimum utilization of natural resources and raising the efficiency of their use, especially water, to increase the productivity and production of dates in a sustainable manner.
5. Eradicating the red weevil and controlling palm pests by applying an integrated package for crop service and expansion operations using digital palm cultivation applications.
6. Providing the appropriate environment for investment in the date palm sector, and supporting and encouraging investment, especially for small farmers, to raise the efficiency of the dates value chain and maintain its sustainability.
7. Building human capacities and research and technical cadres specialized in the fields of production, processing, marketing and export of dates.