Nawa Dates Farms

  • Address Info :
    The Jordan Valley, South of Shooneh

Nawa Dates Farms are family owned business that was established in 1997. The farms are located in The Jordan Valley, Jordan, where the heat, low rainfall and enriched farmland of high, natural mineral content and abundance of underground water offer an ideal climate for date palms.
Nawa Dates Farms are spread over 50 acres (200,000 square meters) and are planted with date palm trees that produce both the Medjool and Barhi dates. With 40 acres of Medjool and 10 acres of Barhi date palms, the farms currently produce 230 tons of dates with a projected increase of 30% per year until the year 2020 for the Medjool dates.
The quality and quantity of the produce shipped out is well known by professional buyers purchasing through the Jordanian wholesale and retail produce markets.
Internationally, Nawa Dates Farms exports to India, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, UK, Germany, France, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and the UAE.


1kg&5kg Boxes