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Al Katar Dates Trading Company started with the individual effort of its owner / Eng. Mohamed Al Salamat.

* Al-Katar Dates Trading Company is a distinguished company specialized in the production and marketing of dates, as it was established in 2010 in the Jordan Valley / Al-Karamah region, and it works in the field of cultivation, production, Packing, packaging and marketing of(  Medjool Dates ) with high quality according to the advanced technologies of local and international standards.

* The goods are sorted on a laser sorting line, and the sorting line is responsible for packing and packing dates, where dates are collected from the farms and brought to the factory, after which the separation and cleaning process begins, followed by packaging and finally stored in refrigerated warehouses until they are ready for distribution, sale and shipping. Likewise, it owns many plots of land and agricultural projects where the Al-Katar Dates Trading Company owns approximately 9,000 palm trees (nine thousand palm trees) and its production reaches 400 tons for the 2020 season and by the next four years its production will reach approximately 900 tons.

* What distinguishes our company is the use of natural fertilizers instead of “chemical fertilizers” and also manual harvesting, which in turn leads to preserving the fruit and also making it rip naturally and completely on the mother tree and not industrials” or the process of cooking the dates using the oven”

* Vision: promoting the “ Medjool dates ” product locally, nationally and globally

* Goals and mission : expanding the cultivation and production of the unknown date variety with high value in proportion to global demand and opening new markets.

* We have the certification “Global Gap and BRC

The Medjool dates , semi-moist brown fruit with distinctive taste and flavor. It contains a high percentage of fiber in addition to high moisture content, as it is considered a commercial species with a high nutritional value.

* We are exporting to many countries like Morocco, India, Gulf countries, Europe, Russia, Turkey …

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any other inquiries.

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  • Telefax:   +962 6 5733603
    Mob: +962 77 630 2020
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  • Address: Marj Al-Hamam District/ Opposite Total Fuel Station, Mohammed Nour Shabsough Building 
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