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Osama Sabha Dates Farms was established in 2007 with an area of 40 Donum (4 Hectare) located in the middle of Jordan valley (Al Karamah). The area of the farms has recently extended to 200 Donum (20 Hectare). The project contains irrigated lands of first-class soil with a humidity percent- age less than 4 mmhos/cm and a natural salinity percentage as the soil texture is categorized between sandy clay and silty clay.

As a result of these specifications and conditions related to location, soil, and irrigation, the farms produce first class special Majhoul Dates with high quality and great taste. This made our production desired globally since it’s exported to Europe and Arabian Gulf as well as supplied to the Jordanian market. |

Moreover, the farms has an operation workshop where dates are sorted and packaged. It contains huge refrigeration units that accommodate the increased production annually in order to ensure maintaining the dates in good conditions until being sold during the year.

In our farms, we work on taking care of the palms from the beginning of the season until harvesting by providing it with all needed fertilizers and elements as per a scheduled program following the most recent discoveries in dates farming.

Our product
Majhoul Dates : which is the main
product in the farm, bal hwyml, Ajwa Al Madina , Sagai Dates, Lulu Dates , Barhi Dates