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    التعبئه منطقة الكرامه/ ١.٥ كم من سوق الكرامه بإتجاه دير علا / شارع وادي الأردن الرئيسي


A Jordanian company that is a pioneer in producing Medjoul and Barhi dates, the company owns and manages around 10,000 Medjoul palm trees and 1,500 Barhi palm trees, the company have adequate technical resources that manages different projects, projects that range from Land reclamation to agriculture and production.

The company is owned by Eng. Abdulwali Alfalahat who is an Agricultural engineer specialized in economics and agricultural projects management.

The company owns an industrial unit that is specialized in sorting, packing and storing dates according to specifications and regulations in Alkarama region, in 2019 the total production of Medjoul dates was approximately 550 tons, this production capacity could be increased due to availability of required logistics of sorting and storing.

The company have penetrated many markets in multiple countries and placed it self-there, both annual customers and agents are available in those countries, the company also have branches in Jordan (local market), those branches are located in:

  1. Amman – Marj al hamam
  2. Amman – Al Nasr area – Wadi Alremam

Our values: High quality, Professional work and Competitive prices

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