Jana dates LLC

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    ضاحية الامير راشد /شارع الاميرة ثروت/عمارة ناصر الداود/الطابق الاول

Jana Dates is a company specialized in date palm farming, date production, packaging and exporting high quality medjoul(majhoul) dates. The company was established in2008 and now owns more than 900000 square meters of land in the Jordan Valley. Our annual production is around 350 tons and plan to reach 1000 tons in the coming years.
Medjoul is one of the most splendid and well-known dates in the world (known as king of dates), its caramel flavor has made it a house hold favorite. Our dates are graded in six different categories; Super Jumbo, Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small and Delight, for more information please visit our site www.janadatesjo.com.