Membership Terms

Article Six: Membership Conditions
a. Each person has the right to submit an application for membership in the association, provided that it meets the following conditions in addition to the conditions stipulated by law:
1 to be a Jordanian
2 He is eighteen years old
3 To be fully qualified
4 To serve the goals of the association and contribute to the implementation of its work and activities
5 To agree to the statute of the association in a low fashion
6 To own at least (100) marketable palm trees
7 To be a worker in the field of producing, exporting, processing or packing dates and their requirements.

NS. The affiliation application shall be submitted in accordance with the form prepared by the management body that decides to accept or reject the application. The affiliation applicant has the right to object to the rejection decision to the competent minister within thirty days from the date on which he was notified of the decision. After verification, the competent minister may take what he deems appropriate, and his decision in this regard is final.
NS. The administrative body of the association may accept honorary members in the association for the period it deems appropriate according to the bases it decides, provided that none of these members has the right to participate in the meetings of the general assembly or the management body and to vote on its decisions or to assume administrative positions in the association
Dr. Subject to the provisions of this bylaw, legal persons such as farms, companies, institutions, etc. may join the association in accordance with the principles decided by the management body, provided that associations of any kind are excluded from membership in the capacity of a legal person, as the association may not be a member of another association in accordance with the provisions of the law . The legal bodies have the right to nominate their representative in the membership of the association, and he has the right to nominate for it for the elections of the association’s management board and its committees.