Dates sector in numbers

Jordan’s dates sector in numbers…
o The area planted with date palms in Jordan is about 40 thousand dunums, and the rate of expansion in areas and production is estimated at about 15% annually.
o The current number of trees is estimated at about 550,000 trees
o The production quantities are about 26 thousand tons of various types, including about 15 thousand tons of Medjool dates, and the rest are Berhi and other varieties. This constitutes about 14% of the global production of unknowns
o The volume of direct and indirect investment in the Jordanian dates sector has reached about half a billion dollars, and the annual working capital is estimated at about 50 million dollars
o The number of workers in the sector is about 8000 job opportunities, of which about 35% are female workers
o 50 Jordan exports about 50% of the production of al-Majjool and al-Barhi, with an estimated value of about 50 million dollars.
o The yield of dates on one cubic meter of water is considered one of the highest returns and is estimated to be about 3-4 times the yield in protected cultivations and more than 10 times in open vegetable cultivations
o More than 60% of date palm growers produce 60% of the Kingdom’s production, and they belong to the category of owners of less than 80 dunums (1,200) palm trees. More than 90% of the palm holdings are located in the Jordan Valley, and the majority of them are of the Medjool dates variety.
o The per capita consumption of dates in Jordan, according to the latest reports, is estimated at 3.3 kg, which is one of the lowest rates in the region