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Palm Dates in Jordan

In 1985 Jordanian farmers started to grow Palm Dates in Jordan,

In 2015 it is estimated that Jordan has planted 500,000 palm date tree in 35,000 Dunums (8,649 Acres)  

The main varieties that Jordanian farmers are planting are Medjool Dates and Berhi Dates

Palm dates are grown in the Jordan Valley all along the western boarders of Jordan in addition to Azraq in the eastern part of the country were Berhi is favorable.

Both public and private sector realize the importance of Farming Medjool and Berhi Dates in Jordan for the following reasons:

  1. The Jordan valley provides an ideal climate for producing great quality dates, especially Medjool Dates.
  2. Jordan can provide post pre and post harvest activities at highly  competitive costs.
  3. The fact that Dates can be stored minimizes the marketing bottle necks.
  4. Palm dates provide a very high return per cubic meter than traditional crops.
  5. Dates are an export item with high demand worldwide.      
  6. Pre and post harvest activities of dates are labor intensive year round, women representing approximately  50% of labor.
  7. The positive effect on supporting industries / activities.

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