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  • Abu Ayyash Dates Farms

    Grown at the heart of the deepest valley in the world, our Exclusive dates have a distinctive taste unmatched by any across the globe. All our dates are handpicked at the perfect timing of the ripening stage at our family... Read more

  • Ayla Premium Dates

    Ayla Premium Dates is a Jordanian family business, owned by the Khalifeh family. Farm is located in Karameh, Jordan Valley, total land around 200 Donums, planted with Medjool Dates. Facilities includes workshop, warehouse,... Read more

  • Nawa Dates Farms

    Nawa Dates Farms are family owned business that was established in 1997. The farms are located in The Jordan Valley, Jordan, where the heat, low rainfall and enriched farmland of... Read more

  • Jordan banks dates

    A Jordanian company that is a pioneer in producing Medjoul and Barhi dates, the company owns and manages around 10,000 Medjoul palm trees and 1,500 Barhi palm trees, the company have adequate technical resources that manages... Read more

  • Jordan River Dates

    Discover our World Bringing in more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector, Jordan River Dates was launched in year 2000 under the umbrella of ‘White Sand Palm Dates Farms’ which was... Read more

  • Al Baraka Farms Company

    Al Baraka Farms Company established the first date palm plantation in Jordan in 1989, the Jordan Valley, After the success of the quality and taste of Dates, the company has  expanded its activities and established (11)... Read more

  • Sama farms company for dates production

    Sama Farms company for Dates production ,was established in 2014 ,it is located in ALKARAMA-JORDAN VALLEY , specialized in the production of Medjool  dates of all kind : super jambo , jambo , large , medium,small,mnafakh... Read more

  • Jana dates LLC

    Jana Dates is a company specialized in date palm farming, date production, packaging and exporting high quality medjoul(majhoul) dates. The company was established in2008 and now owns more than 900000 square meters of land in... Read more

  • Good Food Mood

    Good Food Mood Co. (GFMC) is one of the Leading Jordanian Companies, established in 2014 and specialized in distributing and exporting Organic Medjool Dates, Organic Olive Oil. We are growers, producers, packers, and... Read more

  • Al-Katar Dates Trading company

    Al Katar Dates Trading Company started with the individual effort of its owner / Eng. Mohamed Al Salamat.   * Al-Katar Dates Trading Company is a distinguished company specialized in the production and... Read more

  • Asma Kanan Farm

    was established in 2007 with an area of 40 Donum (4 Hectare) located in the middle of Jordan valley (Al Karamah) . The area of the farms has recently extended to 200 Donum (20 Hectare) . The project... Read more

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